eVA Bulgaria: soldiers of the multinational battle group in training

(To Greater Defense)

The soldiers of the multinational battle group Bulgaria they are participating in a series of complex drills that will keep them busy for the next few weeks.

Many activities involve the use of portable weapons and weapons on board vehicles, with the use of mortar units and combat platforms such as the VBM (Medium Armored Vehicles) "Freccia", in reconnaissance activities. Also on the ground were land artillery sections equipped with PZH-2000s, very important for supporting the maneuver of infantry units. The anti-aircraft defense units and the engineering units are also involved, respectively, in defense activities of command posts and in overcoming bodies of water and other obstacles.

Multinational training activities constitute an essential training moment for all soldiers of the battle group, because they create esprit de corps within the departments, promote integration between soldiers of different nationalities and guarantee interoperability between platforms and units, allowing the NATO battle groups deployed in Bulgaria to fulfill the assigned mission.

Il multinational battle group​, Italian-led since October 2022, is made up of units from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Turkey and the United States of America.

The operations conducted by the Italian Armed Forces on the eastern flank of NATO are arranged by the Chief of Defense Staff and are under the coordination and direction of the Joint Joint Operational Command (COVI).