eVA – Hungary: “Relentless 2” exercise concluded

(To eVA Hun ITA NSE)

The "Relentless 2" exercise has concluded which saw the paratroopers of the "Nembo" of Pistoia working in close collaboration with the personnel of the 185th parachute artillery regiment "Folgore" of Bracciano (RM), in order to implement the technical procedures and fire support tactics in favor of the Italian maneuver component deployed in Hungary.

The operations were conducted under the coordination of the maneuver company of the 183rd "Nembo" parachute regiment, with the aim of testing and improving interoperability between the specialized assets of the operational component, through coordination in the execution of operations.

The Italian JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) of the "Nembo" coordinated the fire of the FH-70 self-propelled howitzers and the THOMSON 120mm heavy mortar component. This first fire action was followed by the intervention of the Hungarian Saab JAS 39 combat aircraft Gripen.

During night operations, the TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) nucleus was integrated into the offensive tactical fire activity of the regiment's "Centauro" heavy armor platoon Savoy Cavalry (3rd) and set up an observation post to acquire the location of enemy objectives. The infra-red pointers of the “Centauro” maximized the effectiveness and accuracy of the shot in conditions of poor visibility.

The joint training of Italian and foreign forces contributes to consolidating technical-tactical procedures used in the armies of NATO countries.

The “Relentless 2” allowed the integration of fire support for the Italian operational component deployed in Hungary as part of the “eVA” (enhanced Vigilance Activity) operation and implemented the forces' capabilities to guarantee adequate control action deterrence along the Alliance's eastern border.