Joint exercises between the Italian, Ganese and Malaysian Army of the mission in Lebanon UNIFIL

(To Greater Defense)

In the first fifteen days of February the Sector Mobile Reserve of the Sector West composed by a company of the "Lancieri di Montebello" (8th) and by Battalion Mobile Reserve, which in turn includes the Armored Recce Regiment ganese and the Battalion Mobile Reserve Malaysian, have carried out an activity of familiarization.

The operation consisted of joint training and exercises carried out within various United Nations Position, the bases of UNIFIL. Coordinated patrols were also conducted between the different structures within the whole operation area which extends for over 650 square kilometers.

The Italian, Ganese and Malaysian soldiers discussed the application of the STIR (Standardized Tactical Incident Reactions), the guidelines with which UNIFIL determines the behavior to be adopted in the event of an intervention. In particular, the focus was on crowd control and treatment and evacuation of the wounded.

The aim of the activity was to increase collaboration and coordination skills within the Joint Task Force - Lebanon Sector West, led by General Diego Filippo Fulco, in which military personnel from 15 nations operate, increasing the potential of the units that make up the reserve of the sector and making the work done by peacekeepers more efficient and effective.