eFP Latvia: “Verboom” exercise concluded

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days the sappers of the 3rd engineer regiment of the Italian Army were used in the exercise Verboom, a multinational activity held at the military base of Camp Adazi, which was attended by the military contingents of the Atlantic Alliance participating in the mission enanched Forward Presence Latvia (eFP).

During the exercise, the units carried out various activities, putting into practice standardized technical-tactical procedures for carrying out work on the battlefield, creation of active and passive obstacles, live fire activities with different weapon systems and a demonstration of amphibious capability.

The Italian sappers of the task group Baltic they are in fact the only ones in possession of this ability within the battle group of NATO deployed in Latvia.

The training activities conducted during the "Verboom" exercise made it possible to consolidate the level of cohesion and interoperability between the engineering units of the various Allied countries and to operate jointly in an effective and resolute manner.

Italy, with the "Baltic task group", takes part in the NATO system of 4 multinational battlegroups, each led by a Framework Nation (Canada in Latvia, Germany in Lithuania, United Kingdom in Estonia and USA in Poland), in order to strengthen the deterrence and defense posture on the eastern flank of the Euro-Atlantic space.

For national aspects, the Italian contingent deployed in Latvia depends directly on the joint operational command (COVI), which directs and coordinates all activities carried out in the area of ​​operations.