eFP Latvia: Task Group Baltic armor unit training

(To Greater Defense)

​August saw Task Group staffing Baltic engaged in training both with individual armament and with the main weapon systems of the Italian armored component, which operates on tanks at the Adazi Training Area Ram and VCC 80 Dart.

The training activities conducted in the last 30 days have made it possible to consolidate the knowledge of the technical-tactical procedures of the allied armored units in the context of defensive activities.

La enhanced Forward Presence is a defensive measure to strengthen the eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance, in line with NATO's international commitment and in accordance with the decisions taken during the Warsaw Summit in July 2016. It represents a concrete effort to preserve peace through the strengthening of the principle of deterrence.

Italy, a member of the Atlantic Alliance, participates in the eFP by deploying in Latvia, under the battle group Canadian-led, a multi-armed minor complex-level maneuver unit based on the 11th Regiment sharpshooters, with contributions from platoon-level units of the 132nd Tank Regiment, of the regiment Novara Lancers (5th), of the 17th regiment c / a "Sforzesca", of the 121st regiment c / a "Ravenna", of the 7th CBRN defense regiment, of the 7th and 46th Transmission regiment, a JTAC team from from the 7th Alpini regiment, plus a national support component on an "Ariete brigade" basis.