eFP Latvia, night training of the armored units of the Baltic task group

(To Greater Defense)

The training was completed at the training area of Camp Adazi, by the personnel of the Bersaglieri company of the task group Baltic, which operates on VCC 80 wagons Dart.

The training activity contributed to refining the techniques for acquiring targets in a night environment, exploiting the potential offered by the modern equipment supplied to the unit.

Italy, a member of the Atlantic Alliance, participates in the "enhanced Forward Presence" (eFP) operation by deploying in Latvia, under the battle group Canadian-led, a multi-weapon company level maneuver unit based on the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment, with the contribution of platoon level units of the 132nd Tank Regiment, of the Regiment Novara Lancers (5th), of the 3rd sapper engineer regiment of the 17th “Sforzesca” anti-aircraft regiment, of the 121st “Ravenna” anti-aircraft regiment, of the 7th CBRN defense regiment, of the 7th and 46th transmission regiments, a team JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) from the 7th Alpine Regiment, plus a national support component based on the "Ariete" brigade.