Dynamic Manta 24: the eleventh edition concludes

(To Marina Militare)

After two intense weeks of activity at sea in the waters of the Ionian Sea and the Sicilian Channel, the eleventh edition of the exercise comes to an end Dynamic Manta, NATO training format regarding anti-submarine warfare.

Naval, air and underwater assets from nine allied nations participated in the activities under the aegis of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 ​(SNMG2), holder of the tactical command of the surface forces for the entire duration of the exercise.

"As commander of SNMG2, Dynamic Manta represented an invaluable opportunity to test both the readiness and training of the units under my direction, and the command and control capability exercised through my staff, which is fundamental in the context of a complex multi-domain scenario like the one recreated as part of Dynamic Manta 24. In summary, an ideal event to test tactics and procedures, improve our interoperability and our capabilities to counter the underwater threat, and at the same time provide our submarines the ability to train against highly capable adversaries", reported Rear Admiral Pasquale Esposito, force commander of SNMG2.

The development of a balanced, modern maritime security tool ready to respond to the needs posed by the geostrategic scenario cannot ignore the consideration of complex exercises such as the Dynamic Manta, structured specifically to test the command and control chains, the performance of the vehicles and crews, and the technologies in use on board the units, in order to improve procedures, train personnel, and understand which technological gaps it is necessary to focus on research and development efforts.

It is a source of pride for Italy to have hosted the DYMA again this year, which saw three naval units participating as national assets (the multipurpose offshore patrol vessel Francesco Morosini, flagship of SNMG2, the destroyer Louis Durand de la Penne and the anti-submarine frigate Carlo Margottini​), two submarines, and two helicopters based at the Catania helicopter station, confirming the attention that the country places in every aspect of security and defense, as well as its commitment to the Alliance, in order to constantly develop the cohesion and common defense capabilities of the Atlantic Pact countries are greater.​