The activity of the Navy continues for maritime safety in the Indian Ocean

(To Marina Militare)

Despite the pandemic from COVID 19, the frigate presence, surveillance and maritime safety activity in the Indian Ocean Carlo Bergamini. The Navy ship, which left the port of Taranto on February 8th, is part of the European fleet engaged in the Operation Atalanta against piracy.

Ship Bergamini it operates in the areas of interest and in the transit corridors of the merchant units with the task of preventing and combating maritime piracy, in collaboration with the other Naval Forces present in the area.

To effectively express its capabilities, the ship must maintain a high level of training. Therefore, as part of the patrol, the crew continuously carries out team and individual training activities. On board, in fact, exercises were held which involved the crew and functional teams on board.

In particular, the fusiliers of the marine brigade Saint Mark carried out tactical movements on board the unit and trained in the hot use of weapons; the divers of the Underwater Operating Group (GOS) simulated the destruction, by counter-charge, of a Water Bomb Improvised Explosive Device (WBIED), releasing operators from the helicopter. Pilots and flight operators trained to use defense countermeasures in the event of a missile attack, by launching flares from the SH-90A helicopter.

The functional teams on board also continued to train in the main forms of struggle and in fighting fires. A special training opportunity for the crew came from the refueling at sea, carried out with the American supplier USNS Wally Shirra.