Ended the "Steel Storm" exercise


The multinational exercise called "Steel Storm" conducted between UNIFIL units and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) ended in the past few days in order to train the forces involved in the joint use of weapons of different nationalities through dedicated coordination procedures.

For the Italian contingent, on different days, they participated in the exercises of the Task Force of Manovra (ITALBATT), the Sector Mobile Reserve (SMR) and specialized personnel EDD (Explosive Detection Dog) and IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) employed in the fight against improvised devices.

The joint activities, one of the most important tasks on which the UNIFIL blue helmets are concentrating, constitute, with the training of the Lebanese Armed Forces, one of the pillars of the mission: to create the amalgam between the blue helmet and the colleague of the "Land of the cedars".

Source: SMD