Handover ceremony between the tactical commanders of Operation Safe Mediterranean

(To Marina Militare)

The handover ceremony between the tactical commanders of theOperation Safe Mediterranean (OMS), the division admiral Giacinto Sciandra, as transferor, and the rear admiral Stefano Frumento, acceptor. The ceremony took place while sailing, with frigates Margottini e Bergamini, in naval formation "in support" with their respective crews deployed on the flight decks.

“The fifty-three days in tactical command of the operation were characterized by intense operational activity carried out by the assigned forces" – remarks Admiral Sciandra – “who have paid particular attention to the cluster of the national fishing fleet, together with the commitment towards the critical infrastructures of interest. The monitoring of flag merchant traffic, the protection of freedom of navigation and attention to non-NATO assets in the area of ​​operation were confirmed as constant priorities for the success of the mission".

Safe Mediterranean, being able to count on meticulous coordination between surface assets, maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters, also includes the continuous surveillance of underwater infrastructures of strategic value for the Nation. The role of Ship is of particular importance Vieste which, in the activity named "Safe Seabeds", guaranteed 100% of bottom survey on the three main gas pipelines of national interest.

Admiral Sciandra finally concluded by extending heartfelt and sincere thanks to all the staff and crews involved, praising the professionalism of Nave Margottini, flagship of the 12th rotation as well as to its staff on board for the work carried out with foresight and harmony, paving the way for new challenges to be faced with determination and team spirit.

Admiral Frumento wanted to wish good winds and good work to the crews, of course they will be “ready to do what is needed, where and when needed" with “great enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism, motivated by the awareness that the fruit of work is for the benefit of the Italian people".

At the end of the formal handover of command of the operation between the admirals, the commander in chief of the naval team, via video link, took the floor, expressing his “full satisfaction with the results achieved by the commander of the second naval division, in continuity with what was done by the admirals who took turns in the role of tactical commander of the OMS, in a commitment that joins the contemporary effort, at this moment, of the team naval with 9 naval units and 4 task group command level staff that are currently active outside the Mediterranean".

Admiral De Carolis wanted to underline the importance of naval diplomacy activities, with "contacts made with political, diplomatic and military authorities, national and otherwise, during stops in the springs of the eastern Mediterranean, as well as with other actors operating in the Mediterranean, including the OCEAN BARENTS exploration platform and the ENI Directorate in Cyprus. These meetings are fundamental for strengthening the Navy's collaborations with the maritime cluster, in full inter-agency and inter-institutional spirit".

Thus begins the 13th rotation of theOperation Safe Mediterranean, with Ship Bergamini and the COMDINAV 1 staff led by Admiral Frumento greeting Nave's return to port Margottini, soon engaged in new activities to defend the nation.