Change in command of the ITALBATT Task Force

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the Italian base of Al Mansouri, in southern Lebanon, the ceremony for the turnover in command of the ITALBATT Task Force, the Italian operational component of the Sector West of UNIFIL (United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon), between the 1st regiment Granaders of Sardinia of Rome and the 3rd regiment Alpini of Pinerolo.

In the presence of the war flags of the two units, and in the presence of numerous local civil and military authorities, the commander of the Joint Task Force - Lebanon Sector West (JTF-L SW) Brigadier General Enrico Fontana, in his speech thanked Colonel Domenico Pisapia for the work carried out, underlining the professionalism and commitment that the peacekeepers Italians have demonstrated in this delicate period for the entire Middle Eastern area, continuing to conduct the operational and humanitarian activities envisaged by the mandate of Resolution 1701 of the United Nations Security Council.

The "ITALBATT" Task Force which from today under the command of Colonel Alberto Salvador, based on the 3rd regiment Alpini, integrates assets of the regiment Nice Cavalry (1st), of the 1st regiment Mountain artillery, of the "Logistico Taurinense" regiment and of the 32nd regiment Disruptor genius, joins the other 4 multinational Task Forces - Ghanaian, Malaysian, Korean and Irish integrated by Polish assets - which complete the operational component of the Joint Task Force - Lebanon Sector West.​

The Italian mission in Lebanon, led by the Alpine Brigade Taurinense since last February 2nd, he has been responsible for the West Sector of UNIFIL, which extends from the Litani river, north of Tyre, to the extreme south of Lebanese territory, close to the border area with Israel.​