The first Palestinian children who will be treated in Italy are arriving

(To Greater Defense)

“The Defense announces with pleasure and a hint of pride the start of the operation for the transport of 100 Palestinian children and their families from the Gaza Strip to Italian hospital facilities. Defense personnel are already at work, together with those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Gaslini hospital, to ensure the transfer of the first 30 children with an Air Force airlift between Italy and Egypt, already starting in the next few days. Another 30 children with their companions will arrive in Italy at the end of January, on board the Navy's 'Nave Vulcano' which will soon leave the Al-Arish port"

Thus the defense minister Guido Crosetto who then added: “Italy is committed to promoting the de-escalation of the conflict and helping the Palestinian civilian population, who are innocent victims of Hamas terrorists. For this reason, the Defense intends to send an Army field hospital for which discussions are underway with the main countries in the area. Italy was the only nation to be involved in a major humanitarian effort together with France and Qatar and hopes that other countries can also participate in a solidarity competition, also in anticipation of the return of Nave Vulcano. We cannot remain indifferent in the face of the serious humanitarian crisis and this race is a moral duty even before a political one".

Once in Italy the children will be hospitalized in the hospitals identified by the Ministry of Health: Rizzoli in Bologna, Meyer in Florence, Gaslini in Genoa and Bambino Gesù in Rome. Medical staff from the Gaslini hospital are already in Egypt to facilitate air or naval transport.

The activity is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation which has established an advanced coordination post at Al-Arish.