The "Aspides" mission has been approved by the European Union


“The EU has approved the activation of the Aspides mission to defend Western merchant traffic in the Red Sea” says the undersecretary of state for defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago “the hybrid war that the Houthis are carrying out in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, cutting the communication routes that feed numerous countries, as also said by Minister Crosetto, in a strategic sea area; can damage Western economic stability. The national defense, after passing through Parliament, will be able to provide its contribution with the embarked command of the mission".

“On this occasion too, the country is the protagonist” concludes Perego “with an important role in synergy with the EUNAVFOR ATALANTA operation already underway and of which we assumed command last 8 February”.

ASPIDES, as decided at the European level, will be a defensive operation that will focus on the protection of ships against attacks at sea, in compliance with the rules of international law, to protect the principle of freedom of navigation and in direct support of national interests.

Photo: Marina Military