Italy is responsible for the Herat Foward Support Base


Italy is responsible for the Foward Support Base (FSB), the military infrastructure where the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) is based, based on the Bersaglieri Brigade "Garibaldi", previously under Spanish leadership.

The passage of deliveries for the command of the base occurred symbolically with a ceremony that took place in "Camp Arena" between Colonel Jesus Biosca Vasquez and Colonel Michele Lombardi, former commander of Italfor.

The commander of the Train Advise Assist Command West, Brigadier General Maurizio Angelo Scardino, attended the ceremony attended by Afghan civil and military authorities and Lieutenant General Eugenio Ferrer, commander of the Mando Aereo de Combate of the Spanish Army of the Aire.

General Scardino thanked the transferant commander for the work and support provided by the Spanish military who, with commitment and dedication, worked for the operation of a large complex management structure.

Source: Resolute support