Afghanistan: assistance to the Afghan security forces

(To Greater Defense)

An intense phase of "assistance and counseling at home" in favor of the Afghan National Defense Security Force (ANDSF) was conducted by the Italian military of the NATO Command of Herat.

The Italian instructors of the Operational Coordination Center Advisor Team (OCC-AT) conducted daily, through a "Drive to Advise", a series of activities in support of the Operational Coordination Center-Regional West (OCC-RW) of the Security Forces Afghans from Camp Ansar base in Guzarah District, a town south of Herat:

- followed the planning and conduct of important crisis management exercises, which involved both the military and the Afghan police officers;

- assisted the counterparties in a command and control exercise to deal with a hypothetical natural disaster;

- coordinated emergency and rescue teams for the affected population.

Among the most important activities there is that of security management during the last presidential elections in September, during which the Italian soldiers contributed to the preparation and management of the operations room, in the presence of the OCC-RW commander, Brigadier General Roullah Oghil and the commander of the Train Advise Assist Command West, Brigadier General Giovanni Parmiggiani.

The task of the OCC-AT is to monitor and provide the indications so that the coordination of the operations carried out by the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan National Police (ANP) is conducted without operational interference between the parties and the Afghan Command of Camp Ansar, which assumes a predominant role in the case of particular events.

Il Drive to Advise allows a package of selected forces to guarantee assistance and advice to the Afghan Security Forces, moving autonomously by land to reach the Afghan counterpart.

The staff of the OCC-AT is made up of instructors from the Italian Army and the Carabinieri as well as international assets provided by Romania and Hungary.

Herat NATO Command to lead cavalry brigade Pozzuolo del Friuli It is made up of soldiers of 8 nations, all united in a single purpose, to contribute to training, assistance and advice to the Afghan Security Forces in order to facilitate the conditions for the creation of a state of law, Credible and transparent institutions and above all, autonomous and well-equipped security forces.

Continuous assistance to the Afghan Security Forces has allowed a progression in the training of personnel of the 207 ° Afghan army corps allowing them to reach high operating standards.