"Wings of Gold", military pilot's license for two officers


The lieutenants of vessel Lorenzo Duranti and Matteo Ricasoli last May 9, after almost two years of sacrifices and intense training, have achieved the coveted Wings Of Gold: the military pilot's license issued by the schools of flight of the United States navy.

The Italian Ambassador to the United States, Claudio Bisogniero, has handed over the patent to the two officers who, as early as next week, will be sent to the destination controls to begin training on the assigned flight line (EH101).

The ambassador, accompanied by the naval clerk, vessel captain Valter Zappellini, visited the community of sailors in training at 8 and 9 May. Upon arrival in Pensacola, he met a representative of the navy training personnel and participated in a brief presentation on the training course of the visitors.

Present at the meeting were: two non-commissioned officers taking a course on the procedures for inspecting, maintaining and repairing the safety and survival equipment used by the Navy flight crews at the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Pensacola;

a non-commissioned officer and an officer studying the procedures for defusing and blasting conventional and improvised devices at the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Destin;

sixteen officers engaged in the US Navy piloting course (including the newly patented).

The course includes various phases: the Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (initial phase in which the basic disciplines for those approaching this profession are studied), the basic training phase (carried out, on board the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II at the flight groups of the Training Air Wing 5 - TAW5), the advanced training phase (performed, on board the Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger at the TAW5 helicopter groups).

Six officers of the financial police also attended the meeting, also in training to obtain the military pilot's license.

Ambassador Bisogniero also met Captain James James Fisher, commander of the TAW5 helicopter group, and experimented with one of the most advanced flight simulators used for base training. After the ceremony he experienced one of the strongest emotions for a military pilot of the navy: the thrill of the first flight aboard the T6B Texan II, performed together with CDR Juan Lopez, commander of the VT2.

The Italian diplomat is linked to the military world. He is the son of General Riccardo Bisogniero, chief of staff for the defense of the 1986 at the 1988, he attended the naval college "Francesco Morosini" (now Naval Military School) and served as an official in the Italian army).

Source: Military Navy