Black Steel 2024: three Navy officers complete the training process for the command of underwater units

(To Marina Militare)

Tactical conduct, high intensity maneuvers and management of a submarine in operational scenarios, in just two words: "Black Steel", this is the name with which the exercise which for nine years has allowed submarine officers to obtain qualification to command underwater units.

The 2024 edition saw the participation of three attendees who will soon be called upon to hold the coveted position of submarine commander of the Italian Navy, at the culmination of a long and exciting process of employment in the submarine component. It is the culmination of a dream for those who, after years spent learning and applying the most complex techniques of navigation and tactics in the underwater dimension, will now find themselves facing new challenges as leader of their crew.

After a theoretical phase, conducted at the training service of the submarine flotilla command, in which the aspects concerning tactical conduct as well as crew management according to modern doctrines of the Human Factor and Crew Resource Management, the attendees carried out intense practical activity at sea, on board the submarine Venuti, assuming, under the supervision of the instructors, the role of submarine commander in a complex operational scenario.

Among the main activities conducted at sea, the three officers were engaged in the planning and conduct of covert patrolling operations, surveillance of critical underwater infrastructures, coastal reconnaissance, interception and attack of military naval units, exploiting all the technological potential of which the national submarines have.

A tradition, that of Black steel, which is renewed year after year, leaving the naval team with commanders ready to operate in the submarine dimension to protect and defend national interests.