The stop in Valencia of the Palinuro Training Ship ends

(To Marina Militare)

Ship palinuro he drops his moorings for Taranto at the end of his stop in Valencia.

The schooner of the Marina Militare has, right from the start, aroused particular interest among all tall ship present at the event. During the 5 days of rest, the unit opened its gangway to visits on board, registering an impressive number of visitors, interested in touching the precious finishes and particular details, the result of Made in Italy, testifying to the great popularity of the Italian sailing ship also enjoys outside national borders. The students of the 1st “MEITHRAS” course of the “Francesco Morosini” Military Naval School will guide guests and onlookers along the path created on the “Cassero” bridge.

For the 50 high school students on board, the Valencian port also represented an excellent opportunity to continue training in the marine art and maintaining physical vigor through activities such as, for example, rowing aboard paliscermi - wooden boats present. on larger sailing units with which it is possible to row or sail -. There were also moments of leisure as on the occasion of organized visits to places of historical / cultural interest.

On the morning of 1 July, the young high school students assisted the commander, frigate captain Francesco Rima, and the crew in welcoming the ambassador of Italy to Spain, Riccardo Guariglia, who in addition to his personal welcome on Spanish soil brought greetings from the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, with whom he had participated, in the previous days, in an important international summit held in Madrid.

During his speech, the High Representative of the National Institutions on Spanish soil underlined how “the presence of the schooner ship palinuro testifies to the strong bond that unites Italy to Spain, profoundly Mediterranean countries, precisely in a historical moment in which the collaboration between them is constantly strengthening ". The speech continued, highlighting how important the role played by the staff of the Navy in foreign ports as it contributes to the development of the Naval Diplomacy between countries. He then concluded by dedicating the motto of the ship "Faventibus ventis" (favorable winds ") to the" enlarged "crew. blessing to the crews participating in the Ruta Iacobus Maris and the delivery to the ships of passports passing through the port.

At the departure there were hundreds of people who wanted to say goodbye to all the sailing ships and attend the spectacle of seeing them parade out of the port.

Arrived in Taranto, next 12 July, the students of the "MEITHRAS" course will finish their "Baptism of the sea" and will greet Nave palinuro alternating with the Nocchieri students of the normal marshals course. There will be many memories that they will carry in their suitcase but, for sure, the unique experience in which they were able to participate will be priceless.