Solidarity Campaign 2024: “Green Team Project on the sea”

(To Marina Militare)

On April 30th on board the ship Italy, the largest brig-schooner in navigation service in the world, the RAGGIO DI LUCE Cooperativa Sociale ETS group has embarked, with which the 2024 Solidarity Campaign began, from the naval base of La Spezia.

The project called "Green team on the sea" was aimed at 10 beneficiaries, aged between 28 and 58 with various cognitive and psychiatric disabilities, with the aim of promotingwomen empowerment of the individual, personal autonomy, as well as raising awareness and stimulating awareness of the marine environment and its protection.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, the "special" sailors actively participated in all on-board activities, including the morning assemblies, the tidying up position, the duty shifts, and the sail handling position. Great enthusiasm was aroused by the knot and cartography workshops and the challenge of climbing the foremast ashore. The 5 days spent at sea allowed them to fully integrate with the ship's crew with whom there was, right from the start, full harmony and sincere harmony.

The 2024 Campaign will continue with the embarkation of the new group from the University of Verona (people suffering from multiple sclerosis) on May 7th from the naval base of La Spezia to head towards Genoa.