Navy: the patrolman Cigala Fulgosi rescues 100 people aboard a dinghy in distress

(To Marina Militare)

This morning the Italian Navy offshore patrol boat Cigala Fulgosi, reached a raft in international waters, about 90 miles south of Lampedusa. The unity of the Navy, having ascertained the conditions of the vessel with 100 people on board, of which only a dozen provided with individual life buoy, engine off, precarious floating conditions and given the worsening weather conditions, intervened to rescue the people who were in imminent danger of life.

At the end of the rescue the 100 people were recovered, of which 17 women and minor 23, for which the health conditions are currently being verified. No dead person on board.

Ship Cigala Fulgosi, unit of the Navy, is currently involved in the Operation Safe Sea, together with other air and naval defense units, in order to protect national interests in the central Mediterranean, conducting presence, surveillance and deterrence activities, also due to the current security situation in Libya.

This unit is placed in particular with the distant protection of a Capri ship, which is also part of the Operation Safe Sea, which is moored in the port of Tripoli to provide technical-logistical assistance to the Navy and Libyan Coast Guard vehicles.

The unit is also to safeguard the Italian personnel present in Tripoli and the ENI extraction platforms present off the Libyan coasts.