Comsubin: Intervention of divers in the Varna Lake (BZ)

(To Greater Defense)

From the 15 to the 26 in July 2019 the divers of the Underwater Operative Group (GOS) of the Submarine and Incursor Command of the Navy (Comsubin), posted at the SDAI (Smining Defense Insidious Insemination) Nuclei of Ancona, conducted a delicate underwater operation in the waters of the lake of Varna (Bolzano), which allowed the removal of war surplus explosive devices beyond 5.000.

Following a report by private citizens about the presence of some artifacts attributable to explosive devices, the prefecture of Bolzano requested and coordinated a joint emergency remediation intervention that was conducted by the Operative Diving Group (GOS) of the Navy and from the bomb technicians of the 2 ° regiment genius guastatori of Trento of the Alpine brigade Julia Army.

The divers, arrived on the lake, immediately started the diving activities that allowed to identify and remove from the bottom of the lake 5.122 Austrian rifle bombs dating back to the First World War, each containing 60 g of explosive charge, for a total of about 307 Kg of explosive. The devices recovered by the Comsubin operators have been handed over to the army bomb squads that will see to their destruction.

It is good to remind anyone who should come across objects that in shape and size may call up an explosive device or parts of it, that these artifacts can be very dangerous and therefore must not be touched or tampered with in any way, but the finding must be reported immediately. to the local Harbor Master's Office or to the nearest Carabinieri station, so as to allow the intervention of the divers of the Navy or the Army bomb squad in order to restore the safety conditions of our sea.