Taiwan and Ukraine linked by a thread of funding. And not only...

(To Giuseppe Morabito)

Apparently from press reports, US President Biden will ask Congress to finance armaments in favor of Republic of China - Taiwan as part of a supplementary budget request for Ukraine: this, it is speculated, in an attempt to accelerate the supply of weapons to the island victim of the growing threat of invasion by the People's China.

L'Office of Management and Budget it would include funding for Taiwan in the supplementary request as part of an effort to speed up arms supplies to the Indo-Pacific island cradle of democracy (which is badly "digested" by the Chinese Communist Party leadership in Beijing).

If the proposal is passed by Congress, Taiwan would for the first time obtain weapons through a US taxpayer-funded system known as "foreign military financing".

The White House is expected to file the request this month, and that presidential action against Congress comes on the heels of the White House's announcement that the U.S. they will deliver for the first time $345 million worth of weapons (from stockpiles) in Taiwan, under a system known as "presidential authority" which is already been used to send weapons to Ukraine.

The decision to include funding from Taiwan in the supplementary budget to supply arms underscores a growing sense that there is an urgency to help Taipei. It is hypothesized that analysts/pressure groups acting in the US in favor of Republic of China - Taiwan have urged Washington to deliver weapons more quickly while People's China increases the activity of the military and constantly threatens Taipei militarily.

"This would be a monumental step signaling how far the US government is now willing to go to accelerate deterrence across the Taiwan Strait."said Eric Sayers, chief executive officer of Beacon Global Strategies, a Washington consulting firm.

“For decades we have chosen to sell only military equipment to Taiwan, but now we are seeing the deployment of both weapons and military financing just as has been so successful in Ukraine”Sayers added.

According l 'US-Taiwan Business Council, a pro-Taiwan pressure group, Taipei would appear still awaiting delivery of $23 billion in arms sales, including anti-aircraft missiles and surveillance drones, which have been approved by successive US administrations. Many US military analysts and commanders have often expressed frustration with the slow delivery of the weapons Taiwan needs to improve its security. The White House declined to comment or reveal details on how much funds would be requested to go to Taiwan and, in any case, any congressional approval on the supplemental budget - which will focus primarily on new military assistance for Ukraine - will be the first proof of support for Kiev in the current Congress.

A group of House Republicans recently tried and failed to use the annual defense bill to limit US support for Ukraine, a sign that even a small group of lawmakers could endanger or delay assistance. future. Those who hypothesize that Biden in including Taiwan in the "spending plan" is not mistaken is blocking any attempt to reduce aid to Ukraine given that the two things are linked.

The Communist Party of China has always, regardless of which government was holding the reins of the Republic of China - Taiwan, supported the need to annex the island by relying on the "One China" principle because the island is arbitrarily considered by Beijing to be a "rebel province".

In People's China party propaganda states that it will also be necessary to fight (and die) to convince the rebels to become part of the country. An action which, therefore, would like the democratic government of Taipei, under pressure and inclined not to accept going to war, to surrender to Beijing and consequently agree, similar to today's reality in Hong Kong, to transform the "province" in an island occupied and administered with the rules of the communist regime.

At the moment, Luckily, in Taipei there is the certainty that anyone in government who accepted the theory and pressure from Beijing would be seen as a traitor to the country and would be forced to resign. Taiwanese feel they are part of an independent country which is not, and would not want to be, controlled by a communist regime and the vast majority of Taiwanese people still think that China People e Taiwan they represent two different countries.

The position of People's China still remains the same: “the Republic of China – Taiwan has not existed since it lost the civil war in 1949 and has therefore ceased to be a sovereign state”. Over the years it has become evident that for the autarky that governs Beijing the goal is not to maintain the status quo and harmony but only the annexation of the island at any cost.

The communist party ideologically continued, during its oceanic meetings, to give a mandate to the Beijing government to use strong methods both by maintaining the missile threat towards the island and by investing significantly in the military instrument to reaffirm, if there was still any need, that the words that must guide the policy of the Strait are two "Deterrence and Intimidation".

As far as our country is concerned, in the recent meeting between President Meloni and President Biden it was confirmed that the two countries will consult bilaterally on the challenges posed by Beijing. The maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is also of vital importance to our government.

Photo: Taiwan MoD / Twitter / Prime Minister's Office