First "Veteran Day", pending a law

(To Gian Pio Garramone)

The first was held last Saturday Veteran Day in the province of Vicenza. The day, intended to raise awareness on the issues of veterans, the defense and security sectors was desired, organized and hosted byAlpha 22 Shooting Club. The association participated in the event Not Dolet Italy.

Not Dolet was born from the desire of a group of veterans of the Italian Special Forces, supported by members of the military community and the Police Forces, to create a group that represents the community of patriots who have made duty and honor their reason for living . The aim is to inform, share and enhance past battles, the fallen and all those who have worn a uniform.

During the event there were a series of activities all aimed at sensitizing the population to the issues of veterans, in fact this figure in Italy does not yet exist and is not regulated. The board has promoted a bill that could establish this figure and protect it but alas it lies in the maze of the building.

The event was attended by personnel and vehicles from the 6th Brunico Alpine Regiment. A further goal of Non Dolet is to be able to create a double channel between the Armed Force and the civil productive world to help military personnel wishing to re-employ themselves in the civilian working world in the transition.

On Saturday there were also moments characterized by the stories of the veterans present and finally the delivery of one handbike to Andrea Pacini, a boy who served as a volunteer in a fixed four-year firm. A few months after his discharge, while looking for a new job, he suffered an accident that left him paralyzed. Precisely because he was in a transitional phase or neither military personnel nor civilian workers he is entitled to zero INAIL assistance, in practice he is left alone.

In short, an absolutely unprecedented day in the panorama of military associations, and with objectives of a high moral and patriotic profile.

The Hon. Matteo Perego of Cremnago. Last year he presented his own bill regarding the establishment of the Veteran figure. The proposal defines the Veteran as one who has participated, for a long time, directly in an armed conflict. It is, therefore, a person who has risked his life for his country, to defend his compatriots, to try to leave his children a better world. We are therefore talking about women and men who participate in high-risk operations and their work must be recognized.

The goal is to establish and recognize the figure of the Veteran to those awarded with rewards for military valor as per art. 1411 of the legislative decree n. 66/2010; to those awarded with rewards to the value and merit of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Carabinieri as per art. 1444 of the legislative decree n. 66/2010; to the victims of terrorism referred to in law no. 204 of 2006; to those who have served in the Special Forces and Special Operations Forces for at least five years as well as those who have served in the Armed Forces for at least ten years and have been employed in international missions, as per Law no. 145 of 2016, for a minimum period of 18 months; provided that they have not had state disciplinary measures, pursuant to art. 1357 of the Legislative Decree n. 66 of 2010. The figure of the Veteran is also recognized to the military, to the victims of duty, as per article 1, paragraphs from 562 to 565 of Law no. 266 of 23 December 2005.

Photo: Defense Online