New UK strategy to supply drones to armed forces

(To Vasco Monteforte)

Over 4,5 billion of pounds over the next ten years to rapidly provide the British Armed Forces with innovative unmanned technologies. Inspired by experiences in Ukraine, the new UK strategy aims to promote the testing and integration of air, land and naval systems, working closely with industry.

The importance of drones as an evolving technology is defined with the aim of keeping the UK at the forefront of developing these capabilities to outperform adversaries.

The strategy includes the accelerated delivery of unmanned systems that will enhance the military's operational and intelligence capabilities, overcoming traditional long development times.

The immediate goal is the success of the joint Ukraine-UK initiative, which is based on the donation of over 4.000 drones to Ukraine.

The Minister for Procurement of Defense, James Cartlidge, emphasized the importance of learning from the lessons of conflict to improve battlefield capabilities.

Of the £2,5 billion that will be spent on supporting Ukraine this year, over £200 million will go towards providing Ukraine with unmanned systems. Last week the Defense Secretary said the UK would work to increase the coalition's drone supply capability first-person view (FPV). This will help expand the drone industry at both the manufacturing and software development levels, while providing Ukraine with cutting-edge, battle-tested capabilities to defend its citizens and strike down Russian invading forces.

Collaboration with industry is described as "central" and is aimed at making the UK world leader in unmanned systems.

Source / photo: UK MoD