The Indian Straton Plus, a high protection light

(To Gianluca Celentano)

The Indian car manufacturer Mahindra presents a new, advanced solution in terms of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Specialty Vehicle: lo Straton Plus offered in versions Light Armored Vehicle e Light Tactical Vehicle.

We remind you that the Mumbai multinational Mahindra Group is divided into many independent production sectors, including the aeronautical and automotive sectors Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

The MEVA Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armoring production for defense leaves nothing to chance in the design; it takes place in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan and also has the wind in its sails as an international response.

Straton Plus

It is interesting to propose comparisons on the types of vehicles which, in the military sector, are increasingly falling under different brands into specific categories, functions and needs.

From some technical data it is possible to get an idea of ​​the final characteristics of a vehicle, provided that it derives from a civil variant.

Lo Straton Plus it is a large truck built on a monocoque with a one-piece V-hull.

The association by type and use falls on our VTMM Bear which however is a Medium Multirole. A difference that essentially focused on the different origin of the chassis of the two armored vehicles. Although it is only rumors that have confessed that the VTMM is set up on the basis of a truck, the Iveco Trakker, for the similar Indian things are different. The Straton Plus it is structured on the enormous appropriately revised chassis of the American Ford F550 SUV, which is why it falls into the military segment of and, too.

The comparison between the two GVWs confirms a more robust structure of the Italian VTMM: 18 t for the Medium Multirole while, 9,5t for the Straton Plus. A context where, however, the dimensions are, albeit slightly, larger for the Mahindra vehicle: length 6,85 meters compared to 6,50 of theBear and, 3 meters high compared to 2,85 of the VTMM. Utilities aside from the Mumbai armored vehicle, they are actually simple details that make it gravitate in a hybrid way Straton Plus between the VM90P, the new MTV from IDV and, indeed, the VTMM.

The recent images of the Mahindra MPV-i used by the United Nations as a mine-detection vehicle instead portray the heavier evolution of the Straton Plus, the 3-axis one. A vehicle set up on a real truck chassis and which is more reminiscent of the Titanic Cougar HE 6x6 American. The comparison with the VTMM and its anti-IED functions is everything here.

The quality characteristics

From an aesthetic point of view, assuming that aesthetics can have a value when talking about war vehicles, it is not captivating due to its line and details which are too far from European standards, but on an engineering level it redeems itself by establishing itself on the markets at the levels of its competitors international, or perhaps even more.

The APC, Armored Personnel Carrier Straton Plus Indian has a transport and protection capacity with 10 seats plus 2 and is optionally equipped with a Ford V8 6,7 Turbo Diesel engine with a power of 300 horsepower.

Designed for counter-terrorism operations, patrolling in high intensity areas, special forces operations and rapid reaction teams, it has a level of protection that integrates into CEN BR6 which can be upgraded to CEN BR7. The seats are anti-explosion (detached from the ground) and remote start and mode is possible Stealth blackout. There are various configurations including that for ECM-C&C surveillance; the electric winch and the tire inflation system are clearly present.

The tank and batteries are protected and the permanent integral transmission (three differentials) with two rigid axles is associated with a hydraulic automatic gearbox select shift 6 gears. Like all defense productions, vehicular platforms must be adaptable to the various needs and above all to the configurations required on the battlefield.

Photo: MEVA