The US Special Forces (and perhaps ours too) adopt a new LMG

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

A few days ago SIG Sauer announced that USSOCOM, the United States Special Operations Command, has completed the certification of the new LMG (Light Machine Gun) MG-338 in .338 Norma Magnum caliber (8,6x63 mm). For the first time in more than half a century, the American armed forces are adopting a new caliber, filling the gap between the 7,62x51 mm of the M-240 / M-60E3 / Mk-3 Minimi and the 12,7x99 mm of the Browning M-2HB.

With a low weight of only 9 kg and a shooting rate of 600 shots / minute (with the possibility of semi-automatic shooting) - and a recoil absorption system through the use of a floating barrel - the MG-338 will certainly go to increase the firepower of the detachments of the Special Forces.

It would be the case that our CO.FS (Command for Operations of Special Forces) also assessed the adoption of this new LMG, thus allowing our detachments to use more powerful ammunition than the 7,62 mm, both in shooting of saturation of area at medium distances (600 meters), both in selective shooting at long distances (1000 meters). In addition, the SIG's weapon is designed for rapid conversion into the 7,62x51 mm caliber, thus allowing only one type of weapon to be used.

Pictures: SIG SAUER