Syria could become the base of Al-Qaeda to hit Europe


The leaders of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, including Ayman Al-Zawahri, are developing a long-term plan for the creation of a cell in Syria that could identify, recruit and train Westerners on how to attack targets in Europe.

This is the headline on the New York Times.

Dozens of experienced militants - according to a classified document that came into the possession of the Times - would have moved to Syria from Pakistan with the precise aim of striking Europe. In Syria, American and European Muslims, who came to Damascus to fight and support the Assad regime, would be found up to 1.200. This reservoir of guerrillas is considered highly dangerous, considering that they could be indoctrinated, recruited and trained to carry out attacks once they return home.

A technique that resembles that of the "multipliers" in Vietnam. At that juncture, but the story is full of them, the green caps trained the villagers "multiplying" their strength in the field, without resorting to sending other troops.

According to John Brennan, director of the CIA, Syria could be the springboard for future terrorist actions. The new cell, would be formed by the loyalists of what remains of the leadership of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, strongly reduced over the years by the deadly attacks brought by drones. These men bring with them their field experience typical of an asymmetrical context: car bombs, ied, urban warfare, logistics, handling of small arms, religious indoctrination and planning. However, it should be emphasized that while the US intelligence report takes the problem seriously, on the other hand it resizes it compared to other terrorist threats: the experience accumulated in Pakistan in making attacks, in fact, would be very different from the one you request to hit the West. Contexts, targets and countermeasures would be clearly different and would require other resources. Thus the Pakistani terrorists, according to the CIA, would not have the know-how to hit the West.

Finally, in the report there is no mention of the dangerousness of the "Lone Wolf" or lone wolf, ie the attacks carried by the individual elements and difficult to find because they are unsuspected. It would be a gross mistake to underestimate this aspect, considering Al-Qaeda's attempt, in the last period, to encourage these very types of subjects to immolate themselves for the cause.

As is known, Al-Qaeda has already created its own cell in Yemen. The one in Syria, if confirmed, would be the first effort to establish a wing of its own movement specifically created to conduct targeted attacks against the West. According to Barack Obama, Al-Qaeda would have lost the ability to tighten ranks. Theses denied in the last issue of Inspire, a few weeks ago online, defined as the official journal of terrorists.

Franco Iacch