Special Forces Allowance: coal for raiders

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Under the tree, this Christmas, the acquirers and creak they found a nice gift from EMS. In fact, based on what was signed on 23 December by the representatives of the three Armed Forces (the carabinieri were excluded), starting from 2022, military personnel in possession of "patents" will compete (although there is no administrative act issued by the Ministry of Defense, SME insists on defining patents what they really are qualifications) Of target acquirer or creak, respectively in service at the 185th RRAO and the 4th Alpine Paratroopers Regiment, or in service at the departments, command structures and organic positions of the Special Forces, pays an additional monthly indemnity in the amount of 170% of the indemnity basic operational use. This will apply to military personnel of the Armed Forces from 1st corporal to captain (and corresponding ranks).

A nice Christmas gift, no doubt about it.

While for the Incursori departments, the already existing basic operating allowance was redetermined to the extent of 190% and sanctioned by Law no. 78 of 23 March 1983, pursuant to art. 9 paragraph 2, which was originally set at 180%.

So, as can be seen, the departments raiders (Col Moschin, GOI, 17 ° Stormo and GIS) get a small increase while the acquirers and creak they will have a substantial increase in their allowances, which will bring the difference between operators Animal 1 and Animal 2 for a few tens of euros (for i creak, the allowance received as belonging to the Alpine troops will be absorbed in 170%).

This would have been possible also thanks to the consent of the representative of the Navy who would have fully supported the requests of SME.

The increase will also concern military personnel holding amphibious qualifications and serving in units with amphibious capabilities or landing or amphibious units (navy brigade Saint Mark and lagoon regiment) and will be 70% of the basic operational employment allowance.

The increases in allowances are the result of the will of SME to make the 185th and 4th "attractive" for volunteers, there being quite a few problems with recruiting.

However, such an administrative arrangement should it be confirmed, in our opinion, it would cause serious damage to the entire Special Operations sector.

The departments raiders they should be protected as national strategic assets. Too many times resources and funds have been diverted from the Nono to create ad hoc courses for acquirers e creak, which remain departments Animal 2, therefore not interested by the COFS in conducting certain operations (such as those of freeing hostages). This also happens in the Navy, ever since in the brigade Saint Mark the company NP (Paratrooper Swimmers) was (re) created. Its operators use the same parachutes supplied to the GOI raiders, limiting their use by the latter.

The political decision-maker must realize that we are moving towards increasingly less permissive operational contexts, in which the need to have highly trained special departments, able to act in a totally autonomous way, will emerge.. That's why, sooner or later, the selection to access the Nono it will necessarily have to differentiate itself from the rest of the OS sector. In such a way as to allow those who wish and have the requisites to access it, even if initially framed in the 185 ° or in the creak.

Photo: US DoD