REPMUS 2023, Leonardo integrates unmanned systems into the naval CMS

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo participated for the second consecutive year in the NATO REPMUS (Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping augmented by Maritime Unmanned Systems) exercise with a state-of-the-art CMS (Combat Management System), already integrated into the latest generation naval units of the Italian Navy , appropriately adapted for experimentation. The objective of the exercise - organized and hosted by the Portuguese Navy and NATO and which involved industries, universities, Armed Forces and research centers - was to test different types of stand alone unmanned systems and their integration with the chain of command and control.

The Italian Navy took part in REPMUS with a FREMM Class Unit, Carabiniere Ship, on board which Leonardo's CMS - in an unclassified REPMUS configuration - played the role of system integrator of the unmanned assets (UAV, USV, UUV ) national and international for the MCM (Mine Counter-Measures) and ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) scenarios envisaged. A second CMS, in the same configuration, installed at the Programming center of the Italian Navy - MARICENPROG - in Taranto, actively participated in the exercise in which Leonardo and the Armed Forces tested an architecture for the bi- management between different computer networks, through the use of an Information Exchange Gateway (IEG).

In particular, Leonardo created a Command and Control for the REPMUS exercise, capable of receiving, both from on board the ship and at MARICENPROG, information from all the unmanned assets involved, allowing the visualization and compilation of a clear and complete; the CMS also sent tasks to the ground control stations of the Italian systems, NATO CMRE and NATO countries, integrated the videos shared by the participating nations and finally created a data fusion between the information coming from the unmanned systems and from on board the ship, through the use of a dedicated simulation environment.

The REPMUS CMS derives from the most modern Command and Control system created by the company, developed on order from the Navy. The system is in fact the result of the synergy between Leonardo and the Armed Forces, both in the field of requirement development and in the testing and start-up phases for operational use. The CMS, thanks to the continuous investments from which it benefits, is able to provide a complete tactical picture and clear situation awareness of the air-naval scenario, thus making it possible to quickly plan and execute the missions assigned to the naval units. The new goal achieved together by Leonardo and the Navy, represented by the integration of unmanned assets in the CMS, further extends the system's capabilities, especially in decision making in operational contexts, above and below the surface.