Rheinmetall will supply Japan with its first fleet of autonomous vehicles

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Rheinmetall leads the way Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV - unmanned ground vehicles) in Japan after winning a multi-million dollar contract on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

It is expected that Rheinmetall Mission Master SP UGV they will be delivered early next year for testing.

These compact, low-visibility electric UGVs will be equipped with several load modules, including transport, surveillance and a remote-controlled weapons station. The contract also includes a long-term support and training program, as well as spare parts.

Rheinmetall will deliver the UGVs in cooperation with the main contractor Marubeni Aerospace, a major Japanese business conglomerate to be formed by Rheinmetall to provide local support to Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force).

Rheinmetall Mission Master SP

The Rheinmetall Mission Master SP is a fully electric and compact UGV, designed to autonomously carry out missions such as advanced refueling and of the last mile (logistical operations in "critical" military or rescue contexts), silent surveillance operations and the transportation of light loads, including section sensors and weapon systems.

The vehicle can be towed or dropped by parachute to carry out missions in difficult-to-reach terrain, and is equipped with tracks to improve mobility in deep snow and mud, an ideal feature for countries with extreme climates such as Japan.

Il Mission Master SP it was the first UGV developed by Rheinmetall Canada in 2017 and has since been employed during multiple real military exercises by land forces, including the German, US, Royal Dutch and Polish armies. Several NATO partners, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, have also acquired this UGV.