MBDA: successful qualification launch of the MAADS system with the CAMM-ER missile


MBDA has recently successfully carried out the qualification launch of the MAADS (Medium Advanced Air Defense System), a new generation medium-range missile defense system developed by MBDA, using the CAMM-ER missile. The new MAADS system will be used by the Italian Air Force for air defense and will actually replace the SPADA system, as a SHORAD (Short Range Air Defence) capability and acquiring new ones, in a Medium Range perspective.

The launch can boast an absolute record: it is the first time that the Detection Center module (BMC4I Sirius with advanced software) integrated with the CAMM-ER missile has been tested and qualified. The test was carried out using a radio target which simulated the attack on the launcher of an enemy aircraft, so as to confirm the capabilities and defense performance of both the munition and the entire system in integrated mode.

MBDA is the design authority of the entire system, made up of the "Detection Center (DC)" module - which includes MBDA's Battle Management Command, Control, Communication, Computer & Intelligence (BMC4i) and Leonardo's Kronos Land radar -, from launcher and MBDA's CAMM-ER ammunition.

In particular, during the test, the Detection Center intercepted the radio target in attack position, proceeding with its identification and classification; recognizing its threat, it evaluated the type of defense to put in place and commanded the launch of the CAMM-ER missile - perfectly successful - which made it possible to neutralize the threat. During the test, the correct functioning of the two-way communications between the CAMM-ER missile and the MAADS system was also verified.

The success of this test is the result of the joint work of the integrated Italian and English teams of MBDA, with the qualified support of the General Secretariat of Defense and National Armaments Directorate (SEGREDIFESA).

The CAMM-ER, a longer-range missile of the new generation CAMM family of air defense systems, developed by the United Kingdom and Italy, will replace the Aspide munition in the air defense systems of the Italian Air Force and the Italian Army . The CAMM-ER is also integrated into the Albatros NG naval system, already sold abroad, to optimize the naval based air defense (NBAD) capabilities of the fleets.

The CAMM-ER and the CAMM are equipped with a state-of-the-art active seeker and a cold launch system (Soft Vertical Launch). The CAMM-ER is equipped with a different aerodynamic profile and a larger and more powerful engine, designed by AVIO, adapted to provide an extended range.