MBDA: successful qualification launch of the GRIFO system with the CAMM-ER missile


MBDA recently carried out a successful qualification launch of the GRIFO System, a new generation air defense system of the Italian Army, part of the EMADS (Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solutions) family developed by MBDA, based on the CAMM-ER (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile – Extended Range).

The Italian Army will use the GRIFO system for air defense, guaranteeing a more extended range to its short-range air defense capability (SHORAD- SHOrt Range Air Defense).

The CAMM-ER is part of the CAMM (Common Anti-Air Missile) family of missiles, which are launched vertically to provide 360° air defense coverage.

The test represented an important success since, for the first time, the Command Post Engagement Module (PCMI) of the Grifo system was tested and qualified integrated with the launcher and the CAMM-ER missile. The test was carried out against a target drone that simulated the attack by an enemy aircraft and confirmed the defense capabilities and performance of both the missile and the entire system in integrated mode.

MBDA is the design authority for the entire system and major sub-systems such as PCMI - which includes an MBDA command and control system integrated with an X-TAR3D radar from Rheinmetall Italia and an IFF (Identification Friend of Foe) system from Leonardo - the launcher and the CAMM–ER missile.

During the test, the PCMI intercepted the target drone, which was in attack mode, proceeding to identify it and classify the type of threat; having assessed the type of defense to be used, he then commanded the launch of the CAMM-ER to successfully neutralize it. 

The test also verified the correct functioning of the bi-directional communications between the CAMM-ER and the GRIFO ground system.

The success of this qualification is the result of the joint work of the integrated Italian and UK teams, together with the Italian client.  

The CAMM-ER is the extended range missile of the next generation CAMM family, developed in the United Kingdom and Italy, for land and naval air defence. The CAMM family can be easily integrated with radars and command and control systems of the customer's choice to create an advanced modular air defense solution (Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solution - EMADS).

It will also replace the Aspide missile in the Italian Air Force's MAADS (Medium Advanced Air Defense System), which was successfully qualified last year. The CAMM-ER is also integrated into the Albatros NG naval system, the new generation naval air defense system (NBAD - Naval Based Air Defence), already sold abroad, to optimize the surface-air naval defense capabilities of the fleets.

The CAMM-ER is equipped with a state-of-the-art active seeker and a new engine, designed by AVIO, to provide extended range compared to the CAMM version.