MBDA will supply the new TESEO MK2 / E anti-ship system to the Italian Navy


MBDA will supply the Italian Navy with the new Teseo Evolved Weapon System, called Teseo Mk2 / E. This new generation system is based on the well-known family Teseo, known worldwide as OTOMAT, and will produce a substantial improvement in anti-ship capabilities. 

Teseo Mk2 / E will be able to effectively counter both marine and land targets at very long range and will autonomously exercise full control of the mission during missile flight. The system will integrate innovative mission planning and a new radio frequency seeker, with options for additional functionality and capabilities in the near future. Teseo Mk2 / E is the answer to constantly evolving threats, which generate the need to implement new operational requirements. This solution is the result of the technical and programmatic activities that MBDA and the Italian Navy have jointly carried out over the last three years, developing the concept of this advanced system.

Teseo Mk2 / E will equip the new generation destroyers (DDX) and could replace the previous Mk2 / A version aboard the FREMM and Orizzonte class frigates. The new Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessels, currently in production, are already prepared for a possible future installation of the Teseo Mk2 / E. In the anti-ship weapons market, Teseo Mk2 / E will represent a new standard thanks to its very high performance and will be ready to be adapted to the needs of international customers.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said: “I want to extend a special thanks to the Italian Navy, the government and MBDA teams who, despite the critical issues faced by the pandemic, have worked tirelessly to give life to this important contract. All MBDA considers the Teseo Mk2 / E a very significant program and will be fully committed to the success of this new development. The new Teseo Mk2 / E is based on a line of products highly appreciated all over the world and, over time, will support the attractiveness of our naval products on foreign markets for a long time ".

Lorenzo Mariani, Executive Group Director Sales and Business Development and Managing Director MBDA Italy, said: “The Teseo Mk2 / E was defined and designed thanks to an intense collaboration between the Italian Navy and MBDA. This new anti-ship missile will mark a radical change in the OTOMAT / Theseus family and keep up with the threats, which are constantly evolving. It will also feature advanced features to support the operations of the Italian Navy, significantly increasing the flexibility and operational value of its surface ships that will be equipped with them. This contract will also help support high-level skills in a domain of excellence in the Italian defense industry and will help ensure the sustainability of our company and its suppliers, as well as its employment levels in Italy in the years to come ".