Fincantieri: contract signed for the supply of two PPAs to Indonesia

(To Fincantieri)

Fincantieri and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense have signed a contract, as part of the collaborative relationships initiated by the Italian Ministry of Defence, for the supply of two PPA Units, for a value of 1,18 billion euros. The PPA is highly flexible and has an excellent technological level, with the ability to perform multiple tasks ranging from patrolling with rescue capabilities at sea, to Civil Protection operations, as well as a front-line combatant vessel.

The contract was signed by Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO and General Director of the Fincantieri Group, and by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, in the presence of Dario Deste, general director of the Military Ships Division. 

The ships covered by the order, originally destined for the Italian Navy, are currently under construction and fitting out at the Integrated Shipyard of Riva Trigoso and Muggiano.

The interest of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense for the PPA Units arises from the naval campaign in the Far East of Francesco Morosini, second ship of the PPA class of the Italian Navy, which also stopped in Indonesia in July 2023. The Operation can trigger further synergies in the operational, industrial and technological fields between the two countries. The Units will be able to support Indonesia in protecting national interests and contributing to the stability of the delicate strategic quadrant of the Indo-Pacific.

As part of the Operation, Fincantieri will act as prime contractor towards the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and will coordinate in particular the other industrial partners, including Leonardo, for the adaptations of the ships' combat system and the provision of the related logistical services. The relevant agreements will be defined in compliance with applicable legislation, including that relating to transactions between related parties. 

The effectiveness of the contract is subject to the necessary authorizations from the competent institutions.

Photo: Navy / Fincantieri