MBDA signs an exceptional contract in Poland for the NAREW project


MBDA has finalized an agreement with Polska Grupa Zbrojna (PGZ) to support it in the implementation of the NAREW air defense program for the Polish Armed Forces.

The NAREW project will provide Poland with a highly advanced mobile air defense system, capable of addressing modern and future threats up to distances of more than 40 km, using the CAMM-ER, a missile developed in cooperation between the United Kingdom and Italy. Last September the Polish Procurement Agency awarded the executive contracts for the NAREW to the NAREW-PGZ consortium.

Today's agreement allows PGZ to implement these executive contracts, valued at over £4 billion, through an unprecedented transfer of technology and expertise from MBDA to PGZ. This will allow the PGZ-NAREW consortium to produce more than 1000 CAMM-ER air defense missiles and more than 100 launchers for the NAREW program in Poland.

NAREW highlights the growing relationship between MBDA and PGZ and provides further evidence of the success of the strategic cooperation agreement, signed between the two companies in 2017. The technology transfer in the NAREW project and the associated growth in Polish industries represents a unique example of defense partnerships between the UK and Poland and pave the way for deep ties between the two countries in the field of complex weapons systems.