MBDA and PGZ together for the development of CAMM-MR


During MSPO 2023, underway in Kielce (Poland), MBDA and PGZ signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of a new medium-range, low-cost CAMM interceptor. The CAMM-MR missile was created to meet the needs of advanced medium-range land and naval air defense.

The letter of intent between PGZ and MBDA follows the agreement of the British and Polish governments to advance the development of a future joint missile based on the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM) family of missiles as part of the United Kingdom- Poland 2030.

The new CAMM-MR missile concept was created under a contract from the Polish Ministry of National Defense and the new missile is intended to complement the CAMM and CAMM-ER as part of the Integrated Missile and Air Defense (IAMD) capabilities ) of the MIECZNIK and PILICA+/ NAREW/WISLA programmes.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said: “This joint work on a new missile is a historic step for our companies and for the development of European solutions for the defense of the continent. MBDA was created to support the transnational development of missile systems in Europe and therefore we are very proud to be working in concert with PGZ and Poland on this exciting new project.”.

Sebastian Chwałek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGZ SA, said: “This particular Letter of Intent is intended to pave the way for future activities that both PGZ and MBDA intend to undertake to engage in the design, development and manufacturing of the CAMM-MR. We have labeled this initiative 'Future Common Missile', as our aspiration is for the missile to be used by the Polish and British Armed Forces as a common production dual source munition. This is a new chapter for PGZ and we are very motivated to engage as a solid and strategic partner of MBDA, especially in design and development with the resources that we have available or are being implemented right now, such as the HWIL Laboratory”.

The Polish commitment to the future development of the CAMM family follows the successful cooperation between Italy and the UK which gave birth to the CAMM-ER.

MBDA is currently working with PGZ to improve Poland's missile capabilities, including through the PILICA+, NAREW, MIECZNIK and OTTOKAR BRZOZA programmes, supported by knowledge and technology transfer from MBDA to the Polish defense industry. This partnership is providing Poland with decisive military capabilities, adding value to investments, boosting the economy and high-skilled employment in the country.