Leonardo: commercial success for the new AW09 helicopter in Europe

(To Leonardo)

The number of international partners of the AW09 programme, Leonardo's latest generation single-engine helicopter, continues to grow with the announcement at the European Rotors international show (Madrid, 28-30 November) of the addition of Léman Aviation, which has signed contracts preliminaries for ten units.

Léman Aviation offers customized solutions to meet customers' private transport needs: sales and acquisition, co-ownership, operations and charter services, maintenance and training. Based in Switzerland and France with a strong presence in Monte Carlo and the French Riviera area, Léman Aviation provides services with the highest industry standards internationally.

Léman Aviation reinforces the consensus already gathered by the AW09 program and its market potential while several European distributors of Leonardo helicopters are considering extending their collaboration and distribution agreements in the region to the new model. With this latest result, the global success of the AW09 extends to Europe following partnership announcements and distribution agreements already signed in North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2023, some of which with orders from end users. The total number of preliminary contracts could reach 80 helicopters worldwide by the end of the year.

“The AW09 continues to get a very positive response from all geographies taking into account the progress in the development of the program” said Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters. “Industry operators welcome the AW09 thanks to its extraordinary features and multi-role capabilities which represent a significant evolution compared to existing products in its category. The additional preliminary contracts just signed in Europe are further proof of this."

“We are pleased to collaborate with Leonardo on the AW09 program. This result allows Léman Aviation to strengthen its range of helicopter services including charter flights, co-owning and managing aircraft-related commercial activities,” said Vincent Pollet and Nicolas Miras, co-founders of Léman Aviation. “The launch of the AW09 in France comes at a time of great market interest and we intend to respond with this state-of-the-art helicopter.”

The AW09 is Leonardo's ideal response in the 'long-light single' segment, with a totally new design capable of sustaining long-term competitiveness in its weight category. A 1:1 mock-up of the helicopter in its final configuration is on static display at European Rotors, arousing great interest in the sector thanks to its distinctive characteristics in terms of cabin space and ergonomics, footprint, avionics and latest generation technology.