Leonardo: new technical assistance center for commercial helicopters inaugurated in Paris

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo today announced a further expansion of its helicopter support services in Europe with the inauguration of a new technical assistance center, based at Paris-Le Bourget Airport. The new center has already started operations in mid-April and will work in close coordination with Leonardo's logistics center in Belgium, in support of the growing helicopter fleet used for commercial and public utility tasks in France and Central Europe. The new center has a covered area of ​​2000 m2, including maintenance and repair hangars and offices, with the capacity to provide assistance for the AW109, AW169 and AW139 models in service in Central Europe. In the future, the same services will also be extended to the AW189. The service center will provide support for the VIP / corporate helicopter fleet which has enjoyed increasing success in this part of Europe in recent years and continues to grow, with the addition of additional operator services within related businesses to the new VIP Agusta brand through a dedicated area.

There are over 900 Leonardo VIP / corporate helicopters in service around the world today. More than 35% of these are based in Europe, the largest commercial helicopter market globally. With a market share of over 45% in the last decade, Leonardo is a leader in the sector of VIP / corporate twin-engine helicopters, for applications such as private, charter and government transport, thanks to the most modern and extensive range characterized by models with avionics and systems state-of-the-art navigation, the best performance, the highest safety and certification standards. Starting from the consolidated characteristics of the Company in terms of design, technology, philosophy of services and values ​​in the field of executive transport, in October 2021 Leonardo presented the new Agusta brand in order to launch new initiatives in the reference market while keeping faith with its own. tradition made of experience and excellence unique in the sector.

The inauguration of the new technical assistance center in Paris, an important area for civil and VIP helicopter operations, provides further proof of Leonardo's commitment to the region and, more generally, to the enhancement of support services and territorial proximity. The introduction of more and more services will maximize the operational effectiveness and safety of the fleet for the benefit of operators, crews and communities. With over 90 service centers in more than 40 countries around the world, Leonardo is committed to providing complete support and training services for the operators of its helicopters, guaranteeing increasing levels of safety, quality, mission effectiveness, cost control and sustainability, all elements underlying Leonardo's Be Tomorrow 2030 Strategic Plan.