Leonardo: new supply to Japan of friend / enemy identification systems (IFF)

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo has signed an agreement with the prime contractor Japan Radio to equip four platforms of the Japanese Armed Forces (Japan Ground Self Defense Forces - JGSDF) with equipment of identification friend / enemy (Identification Friend / Foe - IFF) updated to Mode 5.

Specifically, Leonardo will provide the IFF interrogator at the Mode 5 M426 LPI standard and the cryptographic component SIT2010, ensuring that the Japanese Defense is ready for the disposal of the Mode 4 systems scheduled for June 2020, when several Allied Armed Forces will switch to the new standard.

IFF technology is essential for the security of all military operations, as it allows crews to recognize friendly forces and identify potentially hostile forces. Mode 5 is the latest and most advanced standard, which uses state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques to protect systems from opponents' electronic deception.

Leonardo had already handed over interrogator SIT-422 / 5J to the Japanese Defense. The new supply will offer full capacity ready for the Modo 5 standard, all in a compact and lightweight package.

Leonardo, leader in IFF technology, was the first non-US company to supply identification equipment to Japan Ground Self Defense Forces in 2016. Since then, Leonardo - in collaboration with Japan Radio - has become one of the main suppliers for the Japanese Ministry of Defense of IFF Mode 5 technology.

Leonardo also supplies IFF systems to other international armed forces, including the Italian and British ones. Since Leonardo is the only operator outside the United States for Mode 5 encryption key generation technology, its IFF products are interoperable with both NATO and allied forces, as well as easily exportable. The company's approach is characterized by its flexibility and adaptability to the needs of different international customers.