Leonardo, MoU with Saudi Arabia for collaboration opportunities in Aerospace and Defense

(To Leonardo)

Il Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA), theGeneral Authority for the Military Industry (GAMI) and Leonardo announced yesterday the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which aims to discuss, develop and evaluate a series of investments and collaboration opportunities in the aerospace and defense sectors. The announcement was made on the occasion of World Defense Show, running in Riyadh until February 8.

There are multiple potential areas of cooperation at the center of the agreement: space, maintenance/repair/overhaul for aerostructures, localization for electronic warfare systems, radar and for the assembly of helicopters. The MoU also offers the parties a focus on specific areas, both in the air combat and multi-domain integration sectors, fields where Leonardo is developing next-generation technologies and implementing a series of enabling demonstration projects. These could include remotely piloted systems, integrated sensors, digital technologies, industrialization processes and human capital development. The parties also undertake to explore opportunities for the national supply chain in Saudi Arabia and, more generally, for Leonardo's role in the region and in the global value chain.

For the president of Leonardo, Stefano Pontecorvo, “This signature represents not only an important opportunity to consolidate defense cooperation and strengthen a common vision on future air combat operations, but also a platform to jointly develop new technologies, through the experience and capabilities of the parties.”

Lorenzo Mariani, co-director general of Leonardo declared: “We are particularly pleased to announce this MoU with MISA and GAMI. The agreement will allow us to make an in-depth evaluation of new collaboration opportunities in different sectors, benefiting from over 50 years of Leonardo's presence and close cooperation with Saudi Arabia. We are committed to working together to explore how to strengthen our partnership with high-tech solutions and localized R&D, industrial and service capabilities.”

For decades Leonardo has provided the country with platforms, systems, technologies and services, from air transport, to support for the energy industry, to helicopters, to electronic systems and sensors, to which are added systems for maritime and cyber defense, as well as a key contribution in the field of air defense. This latest agreement represents the latest step in strengthening Leonardo's activities in the Kingdom, starting with the establishment of a regional hub, and creating new opportunities in different sectors thanks to a consolidated presence.

By collaborating with local partners, research institutes and end users, Leonardo will be able to generate sustainable development and production activities in the country. The MoU will contribute significantly to the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia aimed at implementing unprecedented reforms in the public sector, diversifying the economy, to enable citizens and businesses to fully reach their potential and create innovative growth opportunities.