Leonardo: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government evaluates the capabilities of the AW609 convertiplane

(To Leonardo)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government recently announced its intention to evaluate the unique capabilities offered by Leonardo's AW609 commercial multi-purpose tiltrotor in order to provide innovative connection services with Ogasawara Island in the future. The distinctive features of the first commercial tiltrotor in the world, able to combine the typical performance of the turboprop airplane (speed, range and altitude) and the typical versatility of the helicopter (vertical take-off and landing, hovering) would allow to realize unprecedented transport services between Tokyo and Ogasawara Island, which is about 1000 km from the Japanese capital. These missions could be carried out in all weather conditions, also limiting the impact in terms of infrastructures, presenting the typical dimensions of a helicopter of the same category.

The AW609 is capable of fast 'point-to-point' transfers over long distances, connecting the city center or ensuring fast access to remote locations. With a maximum speed of over 500 km / h, an altitude of nearly 8000 m and a range of over 1800 km, users of the new tiltrotor will enjoy unprecedented operational advantages while maintaining the ability to fly in all weather conditions. and the characteristics of vertical flight, offering passengers a comfortable and pressurized cabin. The advanced technology that characterizes the AW609 also significantly reduces emissions and noise impact. The AW609 is ideal for meeting a wide range of requirements in Japan such as passenger transport, search and rescue, health care, surveillance, support for editorial and television shooting, to institutional transport. . With a fleet of over 130 helicopters of various types currently used in Japan for civil, public utility and military tasks, Leonardo boasts a long and solid presence in the country, with a network of customer support services of which the AW609 will also be able to benefit. The AW609 will be able to support Japan in the introduction of innovative technological methods and solutions to meet the requirements of transport and public utility services on the national territory, also in the management of major emergencies and in the event of extreme natural events.

The AW609 will be the world's first tiltrotor with civilian certification, capable of transforming operations such as private transport, rescue operations, support to the Oil & Gas industry and patrol, to name a few. The AW609 is capable of carrying up to nine passengers and can operate even in the presence of ice thanks to advanced systems.

The first two series AW609s are currently being assembled at the Leonardo plant in Philadelphia in the USA. Operators around the world have expressed great interest in the AW609 for tasks such as rescue, VIP / corporate transport, offshore transport, and government and utility applications. Customers will have access to comprehensive technical support and training packages through the new Philadelphia Training Academy. Dedicated and modern training systems, including an advanced flight simulator, will be available at that location later this year.