Leonardo: The Palm Beach County Healthcare District in Florida orders two AW169 ambulances

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo announced today that the Palm Beach County, Florida Health District - as a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified helicopter operator based in the southern part of the state and also known as the Trauma Hawk - has signed a contract for the purchase of two AW169 helicopters.

Palm Beach County is the largest in all of Florida, with an area of ​​over 2300 square miles. The District is well organized for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), with adequate infrastructures, procedures and an important dedicated pilot training program approved by the FAA, guaranteeing the helicopter rescue service even in difficult weather conditions. Among other things, the AW169 features advanced satellite navigation and an approach and landing capability capable of guaranteeing maximum safety even in the presence of poor visibility.
The AW169 is equipped with a spacious cabin - similar to that of helicopters belonging to a higher category - with versatile interiors that allow medical personnel to access the patient on 360 degrees, an essential ability to guarantee effective care even in critical conditions. The customized Trauma Hawk cabin, combined with the speed of its transportation service, guarantees the best quality for patient care and meets the latest safety and operating standards for ambulances in the United States. The Trauma Hawk AW169 will be Leonardo's first helicopters equipped with a longitudinal stretcher with trolley installed in order to minimize the workload of the medical staff and the movement of the patient during insertion and removal from the cabin.
With the best power and range characteristics compared to competing models in the same weight category, the AW169 can fly for 440 nautical miles, reach up to 160 knots of maximum speed and climb up to an altitude of 14.500 feet. The latest generation avionics includes a modern autopilot and cockpit with three large displays compatible with night vision. The Auxiliary Power Unite mode (APU) allows you to power the main on-board systems with the rotors stationary, creating a safe, silent and comfortable environment in the cabin and setting new standards for helicopter rescue missions.

With more than 220 AW169 helicopter orders placed by customers around the world for a wide range of missions, this model has already been chosen by public utility and rescue operators in many countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea. Southern, New Zealand and the United States.