Leonardo and Olmedo together for the development of the medical aid of the future

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo, one of the top ten companies in the world in Aerospace, Defense and Security and one of the leading players in the helicopter field, and Olmedo, a leading European company for the transformation and preparation of vehicles for sanitary use, have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at developing technologies and equipment for rescue missions on the rotary wing and on the road for the global market. The aim of the agreement is to improve the timing and effectiveness of emergency medical interventions carried out in a joint manner through the use of helicopter and ambulances, as a single environment without a solution of continuity.

The agreement between Leonardo and Olmedo envisages a collaboration plan that will give priority to the creation of an R&D structure composed of a joint "research team" for the development and prototyping of new components and universal solutions, ie designed for the contemporary and indistinct use both on helicopters and on ambulances, as well as platforms for data exchange that allow the real-time interface of the patient's vital parameters at every moment of the rescue mission: from the intervention site to the hospital, via the transfer .

The project brings together, on the one hand, Leonardo's solid expertise in the field of air ambulance development (EMS - Emergency Medical Services) and helicopters for search and rescue missions in the terrestrial and maritime environment (SAR - Search and Rescue), and, on the other hand, those of the medical division "Ambulance Division" of the Olmedo Group, considered for the range and exclusiveness of its sector leading achievements from 1951. A partnership agreement whose foundations were laid during the international REMOTE helicopter rescue meeting, held in December at the 2018 Helicopters Division of Leonardo a Vergiate, and which now allows Olmedo to work on the creation, within of its own group, of a new division: a "Fly Division", completely dedicated to the design of increasingly efficient products and technologies for air ambulances. A front, this, in which Leonardo has a fleet of more than almost 700 helicopters for rescue operations all over the world.

Olmedo's automotive experience and Leonardo's helicopter experience come together to inaugurate a new era of health emergency, guaranteeing, as confirmed by the history of both companies, that path of constant improvement of products and technologies in favor of of the community.

The agreement is also illustrated at the Montichiari Emergency Show (4-5-6 October 2019), simultaneously with the presentation of a Leonardo AW169 helicopter mockup with
a special set-up for helicopter rescue tasks as a first example of integrated capacity proposed by the partners.