Leonardo and Falcon Aviation Services: construction work has begun on the innovative helicopter terminal for Expo 2020 Dubai

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo and Falcon Aviation Services have started construction work on the new helicopter terminal that will facilitate mobility to and from the Expo 2020 site which will begin next October in Dubai.

The design is based on a new terminal concept, combining helipad, commercial areas and lounges into a single integrated structure within the city. The terminal will support the development of a 'point to point' network of connections for transfers within urban areas and between cities, in response to the growing demand for modern and sustainable vertical mobility and an ever-increasing level of accessibility to urban areas. Users and passengers who use VIP and charter transport to and from the Expo area will be provided with service levels available only in larger private airport facilities generally located away from the city center and urban areas. The terminal is characterized by a strongly ecological design, being made up of recyclable and modular materials that will allow, if necessary, in transport and displacement in other areas, as needs change.

Falcon Aviation Services, a major UAE operator, will use the new terminal to provide exclusive helicopter transport services. By joining forces in this initiative, Leonardo and Falcon Aviation Services will leverage their strong partnership in the region, offering customers unforgettable flight experiences on Leonardo's AW169, AW139 and AW189 models.

On the occasion of Expo 2020 Dubai, Leonardo will also illustrate the capabilities of the AW609 tiltrotor, a pioneering product in the aerospace field that will revolutionize mobility in the near future: destined to receive civil certification, the AW609 combines vertical take-off and landing - as a helicopter - with the performance of an airplane, allowing it to fly above adverse weather conditions and comfortably accommodating up to nine people in a pressurized cabin.