Leonardo: presence on the energy industry market in Latin America is growing

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo's AW189, the world's most successful 'super-medium' helicopter, continues to expand its presence in the energy industry market with an order placed by operator Omni Helicopters International (OHI) for three units , comprising two AW189s, powered by General Electric engines, and one AW189, with Safran engines.

This contract follows the significant growth of OHI's Leonardo helicopter fleet, with eight AW139s and two AW189s on order from 2021. The new order also marks the entry of the AW189K into the Latin American market following the arrival of the AW189 in region, which occurred following an order from OHI. The presence of both versions will allow the operator to meet different mission needs while maintaining the unique combination of efficiency and long range, high autonomy, large payload capacity and reduced operating costs compared to heavier and larger models.

OHI provides air mobility solutions to the Oil & Gas, utilities, remotely piloted systems and Urban Air Mobility sectors. Its strong customer-centric corporate culture has allowed OHI to grow rapidly, discovering new oil reserves in Brazil and Guyana increasingly distant from the coast. OHI continues to respond to customer needs by adapting its fleet to new demand, considering sustainability and product reliability among its objectives. This confirms the strong collaboration with Leonardo in order to meet the new medium and long range mission requirements in South America, where the AW139 is the leader in its segment and the AW189 is responding to the evolution of demand with the best combination of performance, technology, safety, reduced emissions and cost/effectiveness.

For Jeremy Akel, CEO of OHI Group, “we not only believe in the importance of satisfying customers' needs, but rather we intend to exceed their expectations. This contract, the result of ongoing collaboration with Leonardo, represents an important step forward in this journey. As we continue to expand the fleet, we invest in more sustainable and reliable air mobility solutions. Our commitment to a customer-centric business culture allows us to adapt and innovate, allowing us to play a pioneering role in this sector.” The AW189, with a maximum take-off weight of 8,3/8,6 tonnes, combines superior payload capacity and range with advanced technology to successfully carry out a wide range of missions such as supporting the energy industry, passenger transport, search and rescue, firefighting, public order. Unique features of the helicopter include the ability of the transmission to continue operating regularly for 50 minutes without lubricant and an auxiliary power system.

The AW189 is available with over 200 mission kits and a complete package of support services and training customized to the specific needs of operators in order to maximize mission effectiveness and safety. As a recent example, this helicopter model has achieved certification to automatically transmit performance data to a ground station using in-flight satellite communications, 4G connectivity or ground-based Wi-Fi. It provides a secure way to share an accurate representation of each individual flight so that Leonardo technicians can evaluate the data quickly, thus optimizing maintenance and support. Nearly 120 AW189s have been ordered to date, with nearly 90 delivered to operators around the world.