Leonardo: contract in Mexico for the AW169 helicopter for VIP / corporate transport tasks

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo today announced the entry of the new generation AW169 helicopter on the Mexican VIP / corporate market. This result increases the success of this model in Latin America and around the world and strengthens Leonardo's role in the twin-engine VIP helicopter market in which the company already holds a 40% share worldwide.

A Mexican private operator will introduce an AW169 light-intermediate helicopter into service this year, featuring a highly customized configuration that combines the highest standards of quality and comfort and benefits from the exceptional cabin space typical of the model. Over the years, models such as the AW109 lightweight twin-engine and AW139 intermediate twin-engine have achieved great success in Latin America and Mexico for multiple uses, including VIP / corporate transport, and the AW169 now offers one more option to respond to the evolution of the regional market. Leonardo has been the reference builder for VIP / corporate operations in Mexico for over 30 years, boasting a considerable number of AW109s already sold and in service. The AW169 offers operators in the country greater load capacity, more cabin space and greater comfort. At the same time, the AW169, the 'little brother' of the larger AW139, takes advantage of the common characteristics of Leonardo's new generation helicopter family, guaranteeing similar capabilities on a smaller size and weight scale and with specific equipment and systems. The AW109 GrandNew and Trekker models will continue to offer the best operating characteristics in the lightweight twin-engine class for operators who require products of this type that ensure high performance and a high degree of customization.

The AW169 presents important technological innovations in rotors, engines, avionics, transmission and more general fuel systems. The AW169 can comfortably accommodate up to ten passengers in the large and comfortable cabin, equipped with a wide range of customized equipment and entertainment systems. The helicopter is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW210A engines capable of ensuring, while the machine is on the ground, the continuous operation of systems such as air conditioning and radio while keeping the rotors stationary. The AW169 avionics features cutting-edge technology including a fully digital cockpit compatible with night vision systems and featuring three large displays and touch screen technology with advanced 3D graphics. This contributes to the maximum awareness of the operational situation of the crew at all times of the mission. The AW169 is also the first helicopter in its class to enter the market with an electric reach truck which reduces complexity and maintenance requirements. This solution is added to the other two options available: fixed trolley and skids. A further increase in performance is being developed to provide even greater capacity to customers in all conditions, even at altitude and in high temperatures. This will allow the AW169 to have the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, making the product the perfect solution for operations in Mexico.

Certified in 2015, the AW169 has been ordered in nearly 240 units by customers around the world to date to respond to a wide range of missions including VIP / corporate transport, air ambulance, search and rescue, public order, fire fighting , support for publishing, utilities, training and military uses.