Leonardo: contracts for 260 million euros for the E-scan radar of German and Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo has announced the signing of contracts worth over 260 million euros with HENSOLDT, which will allow the company to play a key role in the development and delivery of the electronic scanning radar - the ECRS Mk1 (European Common Radar System Mk1) - of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft ordered by Germany and Spain. Specifically, Leonardo will deal with the development of new broadband capabilities and will supply essential components of the new radar antenna, the APSC (Antenna Power Supply & Control) and related processors.

Leonardo is already design authority the ECRS Mk0 electronic scan radar (E-scan) ordered by Kuwait and Qatar - the basis of the ECRS Mk1 version - and the UK-guided ECRS Mk2 radar. HENSOLDT on the other hand is design authority of the ECRS Mk1 radar, while Airbus Defense & Space deals with its integration into the Eurofighter.

Leonardo, strong in leadership within the EuroRADAR consortium, which produces the ECRS Mk0, will provide HENSOLDT with the tools to take the lead of the ECRS Mk1, strengthening Germany's capabilities in the air combat sector. The close collaboration on this project is representative of the strong partnership between the two leading companies in the field of defense electronics.

The ECRS Mk1 radar for Germany and Spain integrates a multi-channel digital receiver and new broadband transmission modules, thus increasing the capabilities of the MK0. In addition to the production of the antenna, components for APSCs and processors, HENSOLDT has assigned Leonardo the development of the broadband that will exploit these new receivers and transmission modules to expand the range and accuracy of the ECRS Mk1.
The first ECRS Mk1 radar will be produced in 2025.

The realization of the sensor modules will see the involvement of the sites of Nerviano, Edinburgh, Campi Bisenzio and Palermo.

Leonardo is also leading the design of the ECRS Mk2, the new variant with a multi-functional antenna developed in partnership with BAE Systems. The development of the ECRS Mk2 is funded by the UK with support from Italy through the ECRS Mk2 Industrial Joint Team.