Leonardo: certificate of the new TH-119 training helicopter offered for the US Navy

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo announced today that its new TH-119 training helicopter has been certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The TH-119 is the only single-engine helicopter in the world currently certified to operate according to the rules of instrument flight IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). This allows pilots to fly and carry out their mission with the highest safety standards in the presence of reduced visibility or in difficult weather conditions, thanks to advanced avionics Genesys Aerosystems and the redundancy of the main systems.

Based on the AW119, a very successful model on the American and world market, the TH-119 is offered by Leonardo to the US Navy for the replacement of the obsolete TH-57 by Armed Force training. IFR certification is one of the fundamental requirements for the US Navy program called Advanced Helicopter Training System TH-73, formerly known as TH-XX.

In the event of selection, at the Leonardo production facility in Philadelphia they could be made up to 130 TH-119. It is precisely in Philadelphia that AW119 are already produced for customers all over the world.