The Turkish armed forces receive the first Peace Eagle


Turkey received the first Peace Eagle Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) would now have an advanced air surveillance system with tactical management capabilities capable of simultaneously monitoring air and sea targets.

The order provides for the delivery of a total of four AEW & C aircraft.

"The Peace Eagle program is an example of great collaboration between the Turkish government and our associates such as Turkish Aerospace Industries, Havelsan, Turkish Airlines and MiKES," said Mark Ellis, Boeing program manager for the Peace Eagle project. "The aircraft can be made operational immediately as the initial training of mission systems operators, maintenance crews and pilots has already been completed."

Boeing delivered the aircraft to the Konya base, the fleet's main operations headquarters.

The AEW & C is based on the Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

Two more aircraft will be delivered within the year, the fourth in the 2015.

Turkey joins Australia and South Korea as AEW & C platform operators.

Source: Boeing