Iren Mercato chooses Leonardo as a technological partner in energy trading risk management

(To Leonardo)

Iren Mercato has chosen Leonardo for the development of a new Cloud platform of Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) to manage the procurement process of the entire energy needs of the Iren Group, combining the needs for flexibility and analysis with the growing need for safety.
Leonardo's new suite, called Bee Smart ™, will be able to manage and optimize Iren's portfolio, ensuring scalability and usability in a secure manner on all the most modern devices.

"The volatility of commodity prices and the competitive pressure on sales have made activities on the energy markets evolve towards a high level of dynamism with the use of sophisticated physical and financial products." - commented Gianluca Bufo, CEO of Iren Mercato - “We have started a project to equip ourselves with highly digitized services with which to make the management of our supply, derisking and portfolio hedging activities innovative and efficient. Leonardo's solution fully meets the requirements of dynamic updating of the sales portfolio as well as interoperability and flexibility required by the market, in compliance with market compliance and company policies ".

Bee Smart ™, in addition to meeting the stringent business requirements, is characterized by a high level of application security, in full compliance with the recent European regulations relating to critical infrastructures. This prerogative is guaranteed by Leonardo's "secure by design" approach, which involves the development of robust and resilient applications with respect to potential malfunctions or cyber attacks, thus conceived from the design stage, thus securing the algorithmic know-how by Iren. Furthermore, by embracing the SaaS (Software as a Service) paradigm on Microsoft's “Cloud Azure”, the solution offers high scalability in performance according to the customer's workloads and timing. Bee Smart ™ enables real-time monitoring and analysis of corporate data using innovative technologies such as advanced analytics and machine learning. With the help of Big Data, Bee Smart ™ allows you to save every single calculation processed by the system making it available for subsequent consultations, thanks to a historical archive with substantially infinite capacity.
"The choice of the Bee Smart ™ platform by a major customer like IREN consolidates Leonardo's path in the Energy Management sector, which began twenty years ago with the creation of the first Italian Energy Exchange in early 2000 and continued with the capillary dissemination of the Energy Trading & Risk Management solution to the main market operators ", commented Tommaso Profeta, Managing Director of Leonardo's Cyber ​​Security Division. “Thanks to the solid experience gained in its own competence center dedicated to the Energy sector, today Leonardo is recognized in this field as a reference partner for excellent, efficient and highly reliable solutions and services. In fact, almost all the operators and companies producing electricity in Italy use Leonardo's platforms, including the companies that manage the market itself ".

Bee Smart ™ is the 4.0 evolution of Leonardo's previous ETRM suite, operational with the most important national players since 2004, the date of the start of energy trading in Italy.